Shared experiences shape generations

And that means there are some shared outlooks that result. But always remember – those experiences and outlooks are interpreted through context!

OK…what’s shaping this new mainstream?

Culture, diversity, identity – these things hold different meanings to different generations. Speak the understanding of one to another, and you might as well be using another language.

Marketing to culturally diverse targets doesn’t just position your brand to appeal to them; it positions your brand to appeal to younger cohorts as a whole. For over half a century, each successive generation entering American life has expected more inclusion, and Gen Z has accelerated the trend more than any before it.

Everybody wants to understand Gen Z – we get it. But don’t forget about the Silents or the Boomers (or Gen X, even if they’re kinda used to it). They’re still relevant to your brand – inclusion means no ageism!

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