Food and Hospitality Expertise in the Time of COVID-19

Adapt or right size your business in the new normal.

We’ve been bringing our inclusive approach and agility as a boutique agency to respond quickly in these unprecedented times. We have a deep understanding of the industry and are able to respond quickly and credibly so you can keep your business moving forward no matter what the challenges. 

Helping B2B and B2C clients win business and consumers

We’ve got soup-to nuts expertise throughout the food supply chain starting with helping manufacturers create great culinary ideas to sell to foodservice and supporting national account sales presentations. When it comes to B2C we can help restaurants and brands reimagine their business and tailor products and offerings to be relevant during COVID-19. Or we can help you plan for the future. How will you react and recover? 

We help B2B clients drive their business and B2C brands engage with consumers.


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In addition to our full-service agency capabilities, we offer several specialized services as a food and hospitality marketing agency.

Consumer & Industry Research Insights

With 50 years of experience — and partners like CultureWaves — we are deeply immersed in the food industry.

Culinary Concept Ideation

We help manufacturers and operators with new product, recipe and menu development.

Food Content Development

Create mouthwatering original content for your brand, from food photography to video styling and production.

Our Process

We believe in the power of telling the right story to the right audience — and creating customer engagement that really impacts that audience’s interaction with the brand.

Every project starts with PACO’s inclusive, strategic approach baked right in — paired with a unique conceptual process we designed just for clients of our food and hospitality marketing practice. It’s our secret ingredient.


Macro Trends

Category Needs

Defining the business opportunities across brand, target and business objectives

Target Needs

Life & Dining Trends

Our research team uncovers consumer behavior, cultural beliefs and values


Campaign Development

We blend strategic finesse with creative firepower

Culinary Development

Menu Ideation

We bring food to life in our Culinary Innovation Center

Consumer Engagement


We distribute custom content on a full spectrum of digital platforms

Culinary Services

Our Culinary Innovation Center has a state-of-the art kitchen where we work with a variety of culinary talent to tackle everything from menu and recipe development to new product testing and customized national account presentations.

To see some of what we’ve been cooking up — check out our Chef’s Talk blog.

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