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Gen-Z Has Entered the Workplace…and They’re Shaking Things Up

The shift that younger generations are causing in the workplace includes bringing your authentic self, understanding the importance of breaks / not feeling overworked, and actually stopping work once you clock out.   

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Our Post-Pandemic Non-Consensus

So when COVID hit, we were able to roll with the logistical punches fairly well. But today we face the same dilemmas as so many other offices. 

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Marketing Agency PACO Collective works from home during covid

Agency Update – Office Is Back Open, but Working from Home Is Great (for now)

It’s been four months since we told everybody to work from home, and I’m happy to say that we’re letting folks back into…

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Five Fun Ways to End the Work Week

Ah, Friday. Everyone says they look forward to it, but do they mean 9:00 Friday morning? Of course not. They mean 5:00 Friday…

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