Hispanic Marketing

Latinos and the 2022 Mid-Term Elections

With the mid-terms coming up, we’re going to take another look at Latino voters.

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Echoes of Other Decades in 2022, but the Clock Won’t Turn Back on Inclusion

While it might look like we’re taking steps backwards this year, my advice to marketers is to keep it up when it comes to inclusion.

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“What’s Buzzin?” The Cultural Language of 2021

People always say, “there is power in your words,” and I could not agree more. As marketers and storytellers, one of the beautiful parts of our jobs is our ability to change minds and shape thoughts with the words and images that we use. With our country in a state of social conscious awakening, we’re hearing more and more language centered on diversity and inclusion. For those of us who work in multicultural advertising or DEI spaces, the language of 2021 echoed many of the concepts and ideas that we have promoting for years – but wider recognition is an important step. Here are some words and phrases that I saw enter the cultural mainstream:

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Colorism and the 'In The Heights' Casting Controversy

Weighing In: Colorism and the ‘In The Heights’ Casting Controversy

Latinos are more than 18% of the population yet make up only 4.6% of movie roles, according to a report by UCLA. It…

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Inclusivity: We’ve Been Here All Along

PACO Collective recently celebrated our 15th birthday. It was an overwhelming day for me – to not only keep something you create alive but grow it from two guys…

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