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Saying Farewell to Your FYP? What a “TikTok Ban” Could Mean for Brands

As of Wednesday, April 24th, Joe Biden has signed legislation leaving TikTok 270 days to sell either a part or whole portion of…

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A header image with copy that reads, "2024 Inclusive trends"

Inclusive Trends for 2024 

When we look for trends to watch in any given year, it helps to think of them in the context of mega-trends –…

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What AI Barbiecore Says About Bias – and Us 

What does all this mean for inclusivity in commercial communication? Opportunity. By understanding the full scope of group biases, we can paint particular and precise bulls-eyes on those biases in both internal and external branding

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We’ve Tested Threads; Here’s What You Need To Know 

Praise around Threads’ refreshingly simple approach to social media is abundant. Simultaneously, though, the app has come under immediate criticism for its inability to accommodate users with disabilities.

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Black History is More Than 28 Days – A Marketer’s Mission

Truthfully, this month has an impossible task. How can one month truly encompass the blood, sweat, tears, and triumphs of Black people? This is a near-impossible task for the technicolor sacrifices and triumphs of Black men and women to be truly illustrated in all its glory.

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