Cultural Food Marketing Across the QSR & Fast Casual Space

Food marketers are confronting a growing wave of consumers who are willing to step outside of their comfort zone to demand more variety in taste,

flavoring and global food choices. American palettes are more welcoming, and even experimental, especially as diners shift from traditional fare other regions of the world or food that is fused with global spices, sauces, and other ethnic flavoring.

Survey after survey shows that as the U.S. becomes more multicultural, the dining experience is following. Restaurants therefore are now compelled to develop dishes that enhance classics with unique flavors or replace them altogether with choices that bring traditional fare from other countries to the table. Insights from analytics are key to develop menus that reflect these trends and marketing efforts, from changing the dining experience to designing promotions around ethnic holidays and celebrations to emphasizing new flavors in the messaging, are ways to freshen a restaurant’s appeal to what consumers want today.

What You’ll Find:
  • A breakdown of the factors that are driving cultural food marketing.
  • Insights into how restaurants are embracing cultural food marketing with relevant examples.
  • An exploration into how changes in demographics and the growing interest in the provenance of food is affecting what diners expect in their restaurant experience.
  • Key insights into new ways for restaurants to incorporate cultural food marketing into their menus and messaging.
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