Behavioral Energy Programs & Their Potential Impact on Utilities

Considered the new frontier in energy management, behavior energy programs focus on energy savings that occurs through changes in individual or organizational behavior.


The behavior-based energy model is an opportunity that remains mostly untapped. The more ways utility companies can educate end users through data, the more the same users will be motivated to experiment to find savings. But energy providers need to go beyond campaigns and technology like app-based sensors. They need convincing messaging targeted at the right users that will result in real change.

As more utilities see the benefit of motivating end users of both commercial and residential properties to adopt new behaviors towards energy consumption, they will see a closer relationship emerge with those users. Holistically improving energy use among their customers will generate goodwill, strengthen end user trust, and accelerate energy efficiency adoption at such a high volume, resources can be sustained for years to come.

What You’ll Find:

  • A breakdown of behavior-based energy and the opportunities for utility companies.
  • Insights into how the right messaging is key to changing consumer behavior.
  • An exploration into the challenges that behavior-based energy programs face.
  • Key insights into how utilities can target both commercial and residential end users with messaging
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