The Challenge

When people think of their utilities, they rarely think of a company that is trying to save them money. Likewise, NIPSCO customers were simply not aware of their energy efficiency programs and were therefore wasting money and energy by not taking advantage of these offerings.

The Big Insight

Previous marketing campaigns focused mostly on suburban counties and missed up to 45% of NIPSCO customers. By also targeting rural counties we could fill in those gaps. Regional demographics and even the current political climate of Northern Indiana led us to conclude that messaging focused on financial savings as opposed to environmental messaging would resonate best.

The Solution

Develop fun, savings-focused creative that speaks to the region’s hard-working and frugal mindset to promote NIPSCO’s energy efficiency offerings. Using a combination of cable TV, traditional and digital radio, billboards, and digital ads to target rural and urban/suburban areas with separate messaging to effectively reach more customers.


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