Illinois Lottery Multiplier tickets with Spanish text reading "Sueña en Grande. 100 Veces Más Grande."

Illinois Lottery: Multiplier

  • Hispanic Advertising
  • Inclusive Marketing
  • Integrated Campaign

The Illinois Lottery wanted to make instant tickets feel new and different by reintroducing its Multiplier ticket. Using our inclusive marketing approach, we researched different cultural groups’ dream upgrades and illustrated a cross-cultural spectrum of dreams in our creative to appeal to a wider audience.


Make instant tickets feel new and different to a variety of audiences by re-introducing the ticket.

Our Solution

Introduce the power of X. The idea of multiplying can increase the fun of the game, in part because people love to visualize what that multiplication could mean. What does five times more, 10 times more or 100 times more look like?

We explored what upgrades meant to different cultural groups. For Latinos and African-Americans, their dreams were aspirational but attainable (getting a nicer car), while “general market” audiences dreamt about things like owning an island.

We illustrated a spectrum of dreams in our creative — from the attainable to the outlandish — to appeal to a wider audience. Showing the “upgrades” to people’s dreams spurred their visualization of what the multiplication means and increased the fun of playing.


The campaign resulted in a more than 10% increase in ticket sales between 2015 and 2017.

10% increase in ticket sales!

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