Illinois Lottery Spring Instant Ticket tickets

Illinois Lottery: Spring Instant Ticket

  • Inclusive Advertising
  • Hispanic Advertising
  • Integrated Campaign

The Illinois Lottery was launching a series of instant tickets for spring, and they called on PACO to introduce them in a marketing campaign with wide cultural appeal. What’s more universal than the freshness and fun of spring after a long winter in Illinois?


Drive awareness and sales of new instant tickets.

Our Solution

Audiences love the intrigue of new products. They’re a clean slate, a fresh start — and a new chance to win. Instants also come built-in with a sense of fun thanks to their tangible winnings, the social rituals around playing, and the general feeling of optimism and living in the moment that comes with playing them.

To tap into this sense of fun, we invited players to welcome new tickets “springing into town”! Leveraging the freshness of the spring season to convey a feeling of newness, we highlighted the novelty of the new series of tickets and visually emphasized the fun elements of playing with nature imagery, bright pastel colors, and lively copy.


This campaign helped the spring instant tickets break the Illinois Lottery’s 13-week sales record.

Broke the client's 13-week sales record!

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