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Our client had energy efficiency programs that would help their customers save money and energy – but not enough knew about them. So they hired PACO Collective to help spread the word.


Increase awareness and use of energy efficiency programs, particularly rebates on HVAC equipment and appliance recycling incentives.


Research showed that customers were likely to be more receptive to messaging that focused on financial stewardship rather than environmental concerns. Furthermore, media targeting had previously focused solely on a core group of five counties along Lake Michigan – leaving 45% of the client’s customers in the dark. A revised media approach that used a combination of cable TV, cinema, and mobile-focused social and digital ads to target rural and urban/suburban areas separately made it possible to reach these customers much more effectively with creative focused squarely on the pocketbook benefits of energy efficiency.


The campaign was recognized with awards and mentioned in industry publications, and for good reason: even after only four months in market the revised media plan showed substantial success. The digital ads alone drove a roughly 800% increase in traffic to the client’s energy efficiency website. Overall, by January 2020 the campaign had increased general program awareness by over 7% and participation by 6%.


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